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Personality branding – The third brand your business needs

There are three layers of branding your business needs to consider: Product - The brands we associate to a product or service we can buy e.g.: "iPod" Company - The brands we associate to a company we can buy from e.g.: "Apple" Personality - The brands we associate to people who represent companies and products e.g.: "Steve Jobs" Read more of Daniel Priestley's blog

Read News Post August 3rd By Cheryl Davies

Strategic Alliances – The Dating Game of Business

Strategic alliances are the perfect way to leverage your limited resources by aligning yourself with a carefully selected business. You have to go through the “dating” process, catch up for coffee, send them emails, pick up the phone and eventually once you’ve developed trust, you’ll be able to gain competitive advantage by pooling your resources.

Read News Post July 25th By Cheryl Davies
Valentines Day

8 Fun Facts About Valentine’s Day

As a marketer, I love Valentine’s Day – it’s an opportunity to drive sales and engage customers. Here are 8 fun facts about the silly day that gets everyone's hearts beating a little faster.

Read News Post February 13th By Cheryl Davies

Click Frenzy – Sale Fail

What went wrong and what we can learn from it? Click Frenzy, the one day online sale set to stop a nation and yet, the nation seemed to have stopped the sale. Just minutes after the sale officially went live; it was taken offline by an influx of traffic to the site.

Read News Post November 23rd By Cheryl Davies
Increase online visibility

Here’s an Easy Way to Increase Your Online Visibility

Now you can secure more ideal clients online in a streamlined, easy and profitable way without the headaches.

Read News Post October 19th By Cheryl Davies
Gist cycle team

Ride for a Cure – Pro Bono

There are moments in business when you come across a story that really touches your heart and the need to get involved on more than just a donation level arises.

Read News Post June 25th By Cheryl Davies

Last minute madness

At Davinway, we're well accustomed to clients phoning or emailing us for that "quick" last minute marketing activity that needs to be completed for tomorrow or by the end of the week or before the publication goes to print. Don't fall victim to last minute mayhem.

Read News Post December 9th By Cheryl Davies

How to Budget for Marketing

Many of our clients ask us how much they should be spending on marketing their company's products and services. Davinway takes a look at how you can budget your marketing without the complicated formulas.

Read News Post June 14th By Leo Perkins

Why marketers design good websites

When it comes to creating a website for your company, you have to consider why you need one in the first place. You need to have a strategy; and know what you'd like to achieve and how you're going to achieve it.

Read News Post May 24th By Cheryl Davies

Why Two Minds Think Faster Than One

Husband-and-wife team Masamichi Udagawa and Sigi Moeslinger talk about working partnerships and why two minds think faster than one.

Read News Post March 14th By Leo Perkins

Agile Marketing creates a quick turnaround

We live in a time where change happens exponentially, where years are crammed into months, months into weeks and weeks into days. Clients want things done yesterday and we have to live up to our promise to deliver quality on time.

Read News Post March 1st By Cheryl Davies

Three lessons from building and launching Twitter

Jack Dorsey, (co-founder of twitter) talks about three lessons from his experiences of building and launching Twitter.

Read News Post December 2nd By Leo Perkins

Daily Scrum Meetings

Just like teams do on the football field, the Davinway team put their heads together in the morning to get the ball back into play. Morning scrum meetings help to get your head back in the game and focus on moving projects forward.

Read News Post November 26th By Alice Conway

Morning Kudos

Showing appreciation for the hard work and talent of the people you work with is a great way to boost morale. Also, hearing about how awesome you are first thing in the morning is a really great way to start the day!

Read News Post November 24th By Alice Conway

Fun is important in changing behaviour

Check out this video from 'thefuntheory.com' . The site is dedicated to the idea that fun is the easiest way to change people’s behaviour for the better.

Read News Post November 10th By Leo Perkins

Celebrate Everything

Celebrate everything good, whether it comes from bloody hard work or sheer dumb luck. Because it is all good.

Read News Post October 17th By Leo Perkins
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