Drive action with the right message

You may know your business better than anyone else, but how effectively can you translate what you know into words that sell? If your target market’s not reading your copy, chances are, they’re not buying your product/service either.

Attract more customers with professionally written material for your website, press releases or business brochures and increase your sales.


  • Drive actions and create conversions
  • Increase website traffic.
  • Tailored for search engines.
  • Written with your target market’s needs in mind.

Communicate your competitive edge today!

About Rates

  • Rates are provided for common and regular requirements.
  • These rates are only indicative for the majority of work.
  • If your requirements fall outside the scope of these rates you will be informed and will be provided with an alternative rate.
$87.50 $113.75 $91.00
Copywriting - Per Hour Media Releases - Per Hour Website First Aid - Per 300 Words
This includes:
  • Copywriting for Websites
  • Copywriting for Brochures
  • Copywriting for Marketing collateral
  • Copywriting for General needs
This includes:
  • Writing of media releases
  • Public Relations activities
  • Liaison with publications for submission
This includes:
  • An initial website assessment at a once off fee of $71.50
  • Website editing post assessment and on request
  • Profile & content writing
  • Ongoing website maintenance (latest news, media, etc)
All prices above are in Australian dollars and exclude GST (Australian Goods and Service Tax) and extra requested expenses, unless otherwise noted. GST is 10% of the total cost of goods and services and is applicable irrespective of your country's tax policy. Rates are per Marketing Manager. Free Consultation Get a free 1 hour consultation
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