We believe in being honest and up front with our customers. You wont find any fine print or unnecessary long words here, just simple plain language. We believe that being transparent is an important part of being ethical in business and in life. It also helps us to get on the same page as our clients when it comes to how we work. Our trading terms are a manifesto for how we conduct our business

Sustainable Business Ethics
We believe that good business ethics means not just doing no wrong, but also actively doing good. True sustainable business actively provides a positive impact on the world and all who live in it.

Fairness in Trade
We believe in fairness of trade, in providing a fair payment for a fair day’s work. This applies to everyone , whether that be us, our suppliers and even ensuring that our clients are paid fairly. As a client or supplier to Davinway you consent to Davinway researching the work and supply practices of your business and your suppliers’ businesses. If we find an issue we will inform you, and might supply you with information on what might be a suitable course of action.

Positive Environmental & Social Impact
We believe that sustainable businesses should always be providing a positive impact on society and the environment. This is why we will not actively participate in the activities of clients or suppliers who are not contributing positively to the well being of all people and the natural environment. If, as a client or supplier, we find that your current practices are not positively contributing to society or the environment, we will inform you of the problem and may suggest ways to improve. We reserve the right to terminate any agreements or contracts with clients or suppliers who we find do not meet these standards, without condition.

Preferred Suppliers
Because we value our business standards and ethics, we require higher standards than the norm from our suppliers. In conducting our business we have established preferred suppliers that provide services and products that meet those standards. Usually these suppliers are comparable in price and in quality to other businesses supplying similar or the same services, sometimes their costs are higher than comparable suppliers. Despite that we will always use these suppliers until alternative products or services can be provided at a comparable price to market norms.

Marketing, Communications & Advertising Standards.
Both as a business and a supplier of marketing and communications, we have a responsibility to conduct ourselves, and the activities undertaken on behalf of our clients, in an ethical and sustainable manner at all times.

This ethical responsibility extends to, but is not limited to end consumers, product or service stakeholders, and our clients’ stakeholders.

In our ethical conduct Davinway will not actively:

  • Target vulnerable sections of the community for the consumption of redundant or dangerous products/services.
  • Hide the source of labour and the working conditions of theses sources.
  • Hide environmental risks and the ethical issues of a product or service.
  • Hide ingredients used in a product/service.
  • Hide risks in using the product/service.
  • Disrespect stakeholder privacy and autonomy.
  • Engage in industrial/commercial espionage.
  • Engage in untruthful and dishonest advertising or marketing practices.
  • Engage in the omission of pricing information important to the majority of consumers.

Don’t ask us to do it “just this once” because you will be told no.

Changes in This Document
From time to time we may need to add, remove or update the content of this document. For any minor changes we will just simply update it, for any major changes we will inform all our suppliers and clients and highlight the changes.

Conditions of Working with Davinway
It is a condition of working with Davinway as either a supplier or a client, that you agree to these Terms of Trade. If you do not agree with anything in these terms, don’t work with Davinway.

Have any questions or want more information about Davinway’s business practices? Please Contact Us.

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